bài tập nâng cao về các thì trong tiếng anh

Bài tập nâng cao về các thì trong tiếng Anh mới nhất

Học Tập

Nắm bắt toàn bộ các kiến thức lý thuyết về 12 thì trong tiếng Anh thôi là chưa đủ, bạn cần phải luyện tập đề, bài tập hàng ngày để làm quen với dạng bài cũng như cách thức làm bài, chúng sẽ giúp bạn lĩnh hội kiến thức, nhớ lâu hơn so với học vẹt lý thuyết. Nếu bạn đang tìm kiếm bài tập nâng cao về các thì trong tiếng Anh thì có thể tham khảo một vài bài tập dưới đây.

Bài tập nâng cao về các thì trong tiếng anh

Bài 1: Use the correct form of verbs in brackets.

  1. In all the world, there (be) __________ only 14 mountains that (reach) __________above 8,000 meters.
  2. He sometimes (come) __________ to see his parents.
  3. When I (come) __________, she (leave) __________for Dalat ten minutes ago.
  4. My grandfather never (fly) __________ in an airplane, and he has no intention of ever doing so.
  5. We just (decide) __________ that we (undertake) ____________ the job.
  6. He told me that he (take) __________ a trip to California the following week.
  7. I knew that this road (be) __________ too narrow.
  8. Right now I (attend) __________ class. Yesterday at this time I (attend) __________class.
  9. Tomorrow I’m going to leave for home. When I (arrive) __________at the airport, Mary (wait) __________ for me.
  10. Margaret was born in 1950. By last year, she (live) __________on this earth for 55 years .

Đáp án: 

  1. are – reach;
  2. comes;
  3. came – had left;
  4. has never flown;
  5. have just decided -would undertake;
  6. would take;
  7. was ;
  8. am attending – was attending;
  9. arrive -will be waiting
  10. had lived;bài tập nâng cao về các thì trong tiếng anh

Bài 2: Chia động từ

  1. They ______a new lamp. (buy)
  2. We ______our holiday yet. (not/ plan)
  3. He just ______ out for 2 hours (go)
  4. I ______ my plan (not/finish)
  5.  ______ you ______ this lesson yet? ( learn)
  6. There is she? I (wait)______ for her since 5 o’clock!
  7. He (go) ______out since 5 a.m.
  8. How long you (study) ______ English? For 5 years
  9. Why are your hands so dirty? – I (repair)______ my bike
  10.  I (go) ______ home after I (finish) ______ their work.
  11.  He said that he (already, see) ______ Dr. Rice.
  12.  After taking a bath, she (go) ______ to bed.
  13.  They told me they (not/eat) ______ such kind of food before.
  14.  It was very noisy next door. Our neighbours ….(have) a party.
  15.  Tam and I went for a walk. I had difficulty keeping up with him because he … (walk) so fast
  16.  Tim was sitting on the ground. He was out of breath. He … (run)
  17.  When Phuong arrived, everybody was sitting round the table with their mouths full. They … (eat)

Đáp án: 

  1. Have bought
  2. Haven’t planed
  3. Has gone
  4. Haven’t finished
  5. Have – learned
  6. Have been waiting
  7. has been going
  8. have you been studying
  9. have been repairing
  10. went – had finished
  11. had already seen
  12. went
  13. hadn’t eaten
  14. were having
  15. was walking
  16. had been running
  17. were eating

Bài 3: Choose the underlined part in each sentence (A, B,C, or D ) that needs correcting

  1. After Mrs. Wang had returned (A)to her house (B)from work (C), she was cooking (D)dinner.
  2. Jimmy threw (A)the ball high (B)in the air, and Betty catching (C)it when (D)it came down.
  3. Linda has worn (A)her new yellow (B)dress only once (C)since she buys (D)it.
  4. Last week Mark told (A)me that he go (B)tvery bored with his present job and is looking (C)for a new on (D)e.
  5. Having (A)fed the dog, he was sat (B)down to (C)his own (D) meal.
  6. When I turned on my computer, I was shocked (A)to find (B)some junk mail, and (C)delete (D)it all.
  7. They are going to have to (A)leave soon (B)and so do (C)we (D).
  8. The boss laughed when the secretary has told (A)him that she really (B)needed (C)apay (D) rise.
  9. The telephone rang several times (A)and then (B)stop (C)before I could (D)answer it.
  10. Debbie, whose father (A)is an excellent tennis player(B)has been (C) playing tennis since (D)ten years.
  11. have seen (A)lots(B)of interesting (C)places when I went (D)on holiday last summer.
  12. When my cat heard (A)a noise in the bushes, she stopped moving (B)and listen (C)intently (D).
  13. think (A)it’s time you change (B)your way of (C)living (D).
  14. Roger felt the outside (A)of his pocket to make (B) sure his (C)wallet is still (D) there
  15. When I’m shopping (A)in the supermarket, I ran into (B)an old friend who I hadn’t met (C)for (D)five years.
  16. The police (A) arrested the man while (B)he is having (C)dinner in (D)a restaurant.
  17. Peter and Wendy first(A)met in 2006 (B), and they are (C)married for three years now (D).
  18. Some (A)people are believing (B) there is life on (C)other (D)planets.
  19. Recently, the island of Hawaii (A) had been (B)the subject of intensive research (C)on the occurrence (D)of earthquakes.
  20. Every morning, the sun shines (A)in my bedroom window (B)and waking (C) me up (D).
  21. The man died as (A)a result of falling (B)asleep (C)while he drives (D).
  22. haven’t finished (A)the report yet (B),but by the time you return (C)will certainly complete (D)it.
  23. Caroline has worn (A)her new yellow (B)dress only once (C)since she buys (D)it.
  24. We’ll be cycled (A)to Hoa’s village (B)at (C)this time next (D) Sunday.
  25. What will (A)you do (B)when (C)your friends won’t come (D) ?
  26. Someone was knocking (A)at the door (B)when I was doing (C)the washing up (D).
  27. My friend didn’t drink (A)any (B)beer since we came (C)to live here (D).
  28. We have written (A)to each other (B)when (C) we were (D)in primary school.
  29. After (A) breakfast, I‘m gone (B)to walk to (C)school with (D)my friends.
  30. Did (A)he go to (B)the pop concert next weekend (C)for a change (D)?

bài tập nâng cao về các thì trong tiếng anhĐáp án:

  1. D. was cooking -> cooked
  2. C. catching -> caught
  3. D. buys -> bought
  4. C. is looking -> was looking
  5. B. was sat -> sat
  6. D. delete -> deleted
  7. C. so do -> so are
  8. A. has told -> told
  9. C. stop -> stopped
  10. D. since -> for
  11. A. have seen -> saw
  12. C. listen -> listened
  13. B. change -> changed
  14. D. is still -> was still
  15. A. I’m shopping -> was shopping
  16. C. is having -> was having
  17. C. are -> have been
  18. B. are believing -> believe
  19. B. had been -> has been
  20. C. waking -> wakes
  21. D. drives -> was driving
  22. D. will certainly complete -> will have certainly completed
  23. D. buys -> bought
  24. A. We’ll be cycled -> We’ll be cycling
  25. D. won’t come -> don’t come
  26. A. was knocking -> knocked
  27. A. didn’t drink -> hasn’t drunk
  28. C. when -> since
  29. B. gone -> going
  30. A. Did -> Will

Trên đây là toàn bộ bài tập nâng cao về các thì trong tiếng Anh mà bạn đọc có thể tham khảo và sử dụng để luyện tập kỹ năng tiếng Anh của mình. Chúc các bạn làm bài hiệu quả.

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